George and Lorrie

Relax awhile

Faceted Stones and Intarsia

This is some of what I have been working on. Click on the pictures for a larger view.

Open this link for the new jewelry.

"Mountain Road" Intarsia with Royal Sahara Jasper, Basenite, reconstituted jasper, and Owyhee Jasper.

"Laurie's Piece" Intarsia with Parrot Wing, Malachite, Howelite, and Picasso Marble.

"Mom's Christmas Ornament" Jade tree with Tiger's Eye trunk, Howelite and Finnish Feldspar.

"Burgundy" CZ cut in Bob Keller's Rose Tear 120-96. Gold-filled wirewrap cage.

Rose Quartz. Not a great photo though.

This is a piece of aquamarine I found at Hogg Mine. Finished, it was .2 carets and 3.5mm. Unfortunately, when I went to put it in a pendent mount, the girdle cracked. I did not see that flaw until it departed. Sigh. The picture is a little blurry as it is itty bitty.

A pink synthetic sapphire. Now in a pendent about 8mm.

Rose Quartz Crystals!?!? Not really, but I made one.

This is a new design created by Greg Glenn. Green synthetic sapphire. 20 carets and 17.8mm.

Cubic Zirconium, and now a pendent. Look closely. There is a 5 point Texas star floating in the stone.

A new technique with CZ to create an entirely new gem. A rainbow gem.

My own design. A Remembrance Ribbon. This one is in CZ.

Can you see the cat? CZ.


Blue "Goldstone" in a gold-filled wire pendant.

Tiger's Eye pendant and earrings.

Hug Ring.

Crisscross Bracelet.

Pink Earrings.

"Donut" of Mookite.

Filigree Ring.

Victorian Pendent and Earrings.